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2020.09.29 13:27 amoebafinite No subtitles loaded for some mkv file.

I am having difficulty finding out what stops the Jellyfin load the subtitles for a specific group of mkv files. All those files are ripped from N**F*** have all the subtitles added to it. Please find the log below:
http://you.guess/videos/70bee988-2953-3f4e-9500-1dd10680c4ea/hls1/main/0.ts?DeviceId=TW96aWxsYS81LjAgKFdpbmRvd3MgTlQgMTAuMDsgV2luNjQ7IHg2NCkgQXBwbGVXZWJLaXQvNTM3LjM2IChLSFRNTCwgbGlrZSBHZWNrbykgQ2hyb21lLzg1LjAuNDE4My4xMDIgU2FmYXJpLzUzNy4zNnwxNjAwMDkyNDMyMTgx&MediaSourceId=70bee98829533f4e95001dd10680c4ea&VideoCodec=h264&AudioCodec=mp3,aac&AudioStreamIndex=1&VideoBitrate=176650105&AudioBitrate=192000&PlaySessionId=aebea144637b4843a50b0e9f931360ca&api_key=6d0cb4a47d244b36b0fbf4845c4bc686&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=2&RequireAvc=false&Tag=407fefbf7f23b5a603ee67e4483c4137&SegmentContainer=ts&MinSegments=1&BreakOnNonKeyFrames=True&h264-profile=high,main,baseline,constrainedbaseline,high10&h264-level=51&h264-deinterlace=true&TranscodeReasons=VideoCodecNotSupported {"Protocol":"File","Id":"70bee98829533f4e95001dd10680c4ea","Path":"Z:\\日韩剧\\Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264\\Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-Ao.mkv","Type":"Default","Container":"mkv,webm","Size":2490011934,"Name":"Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-Ao","IsRemote":false,"ETag":"407fefbf7f23b5a603ee67e4483c4137","RunTimeTicks":36320320000,"ReadAtNativeFramerate":false,"IgnoreDts":false,"IgnoreIndex":false,"GenPtsInput":false,"SupportsTranscoding":true,"SupportsDirectStream":true,"SupportsDirectPlay":true,"IsInfiniteStream":false,"RequiresOpening":false,"RequiresClosing":false,"RequiresLooping":false,"SupportsProbing":true,"VideoType":"VideoFile","MediaStreams":[{"Codec":"h264","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"1001/48000","VideoRange":"SDR","DisplayTitle":"1080p H264","NalLengthSize":"0","IsInterlaced":false,"IsAVC":false,"BitRate":5484559,"BitDepth":8,"RefFrames":1,"IsDefault":true,"IsForced":false,"Height":1080,"Width":1920,"AverageFrameRate":23.976025,"RealFrameRate":23.976025,"Profile":"Main","Type":"Video","AspectRatio":"16:9","Index":0,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":false,"SupportsExternalStream":false,"PixelFormat":"yuv420p","Level":40},{"Codec":"eac3","Language":"kor","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"1/48000","Title":"Korean [Original]","DisplayTitle":"Kor Dolby Digital+ 2 ch Default","IsInterlaced":false,"Channels":2,"SampleRate":48000,"IsDefault":true,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Audio","Index":1,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":false,"SupportsExternalStream":false,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"ara","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Arabic","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Arabic","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":2,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"eng","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"English","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"English - Default","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":true,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":3,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"spa","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Spanish","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Spanish","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":4,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"fre","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"French","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"French","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":5,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"ind","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Indonesian","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Indonesian","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":6,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"jpn","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Japanese","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Japanese - Jpn","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":7,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"por","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Brazilian Portuguese","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Brazilian Portuguese","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":8,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"tha","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Thai","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Thai","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":9,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"tur","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Turkish","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Turkish","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":10,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"vie","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Vietnamese","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Vietnamese","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":11,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"chi","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Simplified Chinese","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Simplified Chinese","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":12,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0},{"Codec":"subrip","Language":"chi","TimeBase":"1/1000","CodecTimeBase":"0/1","Title":"Traditional Chinese","localizedUndefined":"Undefined","localizedDefault":"Default","localizedForced":"Forced","DisplayTitle":"Traditional Chinese","IsInterlaced":false,"IsDefault":false,"IsForced":false,"Type":"Subtitle","Index":13,"IsExternal":false,"IsTextSubtitleStream":true,"SupportsExternalStream":true,"Level":0}],"MediaAttachments":[],"Formats":[],"Bitrate":5484559,"RequiredHttpHeaders":{}} E:\Program Files\Jellyfin\Server\ffmpeg.exe -fflags +genpts -i file:"Z:\日韩剧\Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264\Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-Ao.mkv" -map_metadata -1 -map_chapters -1 -threads 0 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map -0:s -codec:v:0 copy -vsync -1 -codec:a:0 libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 192000 -copyts -avoid_negative_ts disabled -f hls -max_delay 5000000 -hls_time 6 -individual_header_trailer 0 -hls_segment_type mpegts -start_number 0 -hls_segment_filename "E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb5338%d.ts" -hls_playlist_type vod -hls_list_size 0 -y "E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb5338.m3u8" ffmpeg version n4.3.1-1-g4c6eb642fe Copyright (c) 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers built with gcc 10.1.0 (Rev3, Built by MSYS2 project) configuration: --disable-static --enable-shared --cc='ccache gcc' --cxx='ccache g++' --disable-ffplay --disable-debug --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-bzlib --enable-iconv --enable-lzma --enable-zlib --enable-sdl2 --enable-fontconfig --enable-gmp --enable-libass --enable-libzimg --enable-libbluray --enable-libfreetype --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopus --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-libwebp --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libdav1d --enable-opencl --enable-dxva2 --enable-d3d11va --enable-amf --enable-libmfx --enable-cuda --enable-cuda-llvm --enable-cuvid --enable-nvenc --enable-nvdec --enable-ffnvcodec --enable-gnutls --shlibdir=/local64/bin-video libavutil 56. 51.100 / 56. 51.100 libavcodec 58. 91.100 / 58. 91.100 libavformat 58. 45.100 / 58. 45.100 libavdevice 58. 10.100 / 58. 10.100 libavfilter 7. 85.100 / 7. 85.100 libswscale 5. 7.100 / 5. 7.100 libswresample 3. 7.100 / 3. 7.100 libpostproc 55. 7.100 / 55. 7.100 Guessed Channel Layout for Input Stream #0.1 : stereo Input #0, matroska,webm, from 'file:Z:\日韩剧\Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264\Because.This.Is.My.First.Life.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-Ao.mkv': Metadata: encoder : libebml v1.3.9 + libmatroska v1.5.2 creation_time : 2001-01-01T00:00:00.000000Z Duration: 01:00:32.03, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 5484 kb/s Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (Main), yuv420p(progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 1k tbn, 47.95 tbc (default) Metadata: BPS-eng : 5353033 DURATION-eng : 01:00:31.920000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 87079 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 2430223592 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:1(kor): Audio: eac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp (default) Metadata: title : Korean [Original] BPS-eng : 128000 DURATION-eng : 01:00:32.032000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 113501 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 58112512 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:2(ara): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Arabic BPS-eng : 108 DURATION-eng : 01:00:26.372000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 928 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 49040 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:3(eng): Subtitle: subrip (default) Metadata: title : English BPS-eng : 63 DURATION-eng : 00:59:54.507000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 926 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 28329 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:4(spa): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Spanish BPS-eng : 62 DURATION-eng : 01:00:26.748000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 948 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 28193 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:5(fre): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : French BPS-eng : 62 DURATION-eng : 00:59:54.257000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 901 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 28114 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:6(ind): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Indonesian BPS-eng : 64 DURATION-eng : 01:00:24.162000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 883 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 29410 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:7(jpn): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Japanese BPS-eng : 49 DURATION-eng : 00:59:55.008000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 912 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 22258 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:8(por): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Brazilian Portuguese BPS-eng : 57 DURATION-eng : 00:59:53.632000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 885 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 25979 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:9(tha): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Thai BPS-eng : 150 DURATION-eng : 00:59:54.132000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 933 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 67701 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:10(tur): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Turkish BPS-eng : 63 DURATION-eng : 01:00:23.161000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 941 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 28576 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:11(vie): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Vietnamese BPS-eng : 80 DURATION-eng : 01:00:25.163000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 946 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 36536 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:12(chi): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Simplified Chinese BPS-eng : 53 DURATION-eng : 00:59:53.715000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 925 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 24016 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream #0:13(chi): Subtitle: subrip Metadata: title : Traditional Chinese BPS-eng : 60 DURATION-eng : 00:59:55.050000000 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 929 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 27315 _STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng: mkvmerge v34.0.0 ('Sight and Seen') 64-bit _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng: 2020-01-01 14:05:46 _STATISTICS_TAGS-eng: BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES Stream mapping: Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (copy) Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (eac3 (native) -> mp3 (libmp3lame)) Press [q] to stop, [?] for help Output #0, hls, to 'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb5338.m3u8': Metadata: encoder : Lavf58.45.100 Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (Main), yuv420p(progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], q=2-31, 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 90k tbn, 23.98 tbc (default) Stream #0:1: Audio: mp3 (libmp3lame), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 192 kb/s (default) Metadata: encoder : Lavc58.91.100 libmp3lame frame= 39 fps=0.0 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:01.68 bitrate=N/A speed=2.85x frame= 57 fps= 48 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:02.42 bitrate=N/A speed=2.03x frame= 73 fps= 43 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:03.12 bitrate=N/A speed=1.84x frame= 81 fps= 37 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:03.43 bitrate=N/A speed=1.56x frame= 92 fps= 34 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:03.91 bitrate=N/A speed=1.44x frame= 110 fps= 34 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:04.68 bitrate=N/A speed=1.43x frame= 140 fps= 36 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:05.90 bitrate=N/A speed=1.51x [hls @ 00000211ce392e80] Opening 'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb53380.ts' for writing frame= 164 fps= 37 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:06.93 bitrate=N/A speed=1.56x frame= 201 fps= 40 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:08.42 bitrate=N/A speed=1.69x frame= 228 fps= 41 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:09.48 bitrate=N/A speed=1.73x frame= 248 fps= 41 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:10.41 bitrate=N/A speed=1.72x frame= 265 fps= 40 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:11.18 bitrate=N/A speed= 1.7x [hls @ 00000211ce392e80] Opening 'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb53381.ts' for writing frame= 289 fps= 41 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:12.02 bitrate=N/A speed= 1.7x frame= 308 fps= 40 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:12.93 bitrate=N/A speed= 1.7x frame= 327 fps= 39 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:13.70 bitrate=N/A speed=1.63x frame= 345 fps= 39 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:14.42 bitrate=N/A speed=1.61x frame= 375 fps= 39 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:15.69 bitrate=N/A speed=1.65x frame= 397 fps= 40 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:16.68 bitrate=N/A speed=1.66x [hls @ 00000211ce392e80] Opening 'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb53382.ts' for writing frame= 436 fps= 41 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:18.19 bitrate=N/A speed=1.71x frame= 466 fps= 42 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:19.46 bitrate=N/A speed=1.74x frame= 493 fps= 42 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:20.68 bitrate=N/A speed=1.77x frame= 529 fps= 43 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:22.05 bitrate=N/A speed=1.81x frame= 560 fps= 44 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:23.47 bitrate=N/A speed=1.83x [hls @ 00000211ce392e80] Opening 'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb53383.ts' for writing frame= 584 fps= 44 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:24.43 bitrate=N/A speed=1.84x frame= 620 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:25.94 bitrate=N/A speed=1.87x frame= 652 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:27.21 bitrate=N/A speed=1.86x frame= 681 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:28.44 bitrate=N/A speed=1.88x frame= 704 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:29.44 bitrate=N/A speed=1.87x [hls @ 00000211ce392e80] Opening 'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb53384.ts' for writing frame= 728 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:30.45 bitrate=N/A speed=1.87x frame= 756 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:31.53 bitrate=N/A speed=1.88x frame= 787 fps= 45 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:32.95 bitrate=N/A speed= 1.9x frame= 824 fps= 46 q=-1.0 size=N/A time=00:00:34.44 bitrate=N/A speed=1.92x frame= 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'E:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\transcodes\593aff7c46e116ea35999b2174fb533811.ts' for writing frame= 1664 fps= 50 q=-1.0 Lsize=N/A time=00:01:09.52 bitrate=N/A speed=2.08x video:48481kB audio:1630kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown 
The subtitles are in srt format and I have tried to load it from before or during the playback. The GUI shows extracting information but nothing happens. Majority of my other files are OK and I wish to know if I have to recode those files in a particular way to sort this problem.
Thanks for any suggestions.
submitted by amoebafinite to jellyfin [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 11:57 Observe-Adapt Stayd's Flames of Old
Dark Souls 2 does a lot a things poorly, and it does a lot of things great! It's often touted that Dark Souls 2 was made by the incompetent B team and saw some development problems.
This is generally an depressive understatement, considering it's "fought a losing battle" at the moment great concepts and design were cut down to poor implementation and polishing because it didn't just face some development problems - it got shorted of two years in development.
"Flames of Old" is more than ambition, it's a masterwork in progress.
Just promoting a guy that deserves the love, like he's giving Dark Souls 2 a lot of love that initially deserved it. He's doing great work (and already has done as a great contributor to Skyblivion).
Check out the following link that'll rustle your Twinkling Titanite's.
Please follow Stayd to keep up to date with his progress!
Take care feeble ones, there's talk of unsavoury bandits who prey upon travellers like yourself.
submitted by Observe-Adapt to DarkSouls2 [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 12:04 SD-Casual-Fla Friday fun discussion: Soundtrack of your most recent SR.

Happy Friday SLF!
I, for one, can't wait for the weekend! Wanted to start a fun discussion, and add some new tunes to my music library.
The discussion? Pick one or two songs that you would consider part of the "soundtrack" of your most recent (or current) sugar relationship. Please include the reason why you picked the song(s). 😊
I'll start....
  1. Frank Ocean - Pink + White
  2. SZA - Normal Girl (The Roots Picnic Edition)
  1. She and I immediately bonded over our love of Frank Ocean when it came on a random mix I had playing on one of our first sugar dates. We both have strong maternal figures in our lives, and this song is a wonderful dedication to motherhood.
  2. Who doesn't love SZA? 😊 My historical sugar soundtrack is actually "The Weekend" by SZA and on the same CTRL Album... But I digress.
I picked this song because I thought she was fairly "normal girl" but I was wrong. Like the message in this tune and self reflection.
Your turn!!
submitted by SD-Casual-Fla to sugarlifestyleforum [link] [comments]

2020.09.24 22:01 autotldr Turkish army accused of throwing Kurdish farmers from helicopter

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 83%. (I'm a bot)
Turkish prosecutors have begun to investigate allegations that a pair of Kurdish farmers were brutally beaten and thrown out of a military helicopter in the southeastern province of Van on Sept. 11 in a case that has recalled the horrors inflicted on locals at the height of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party insurgency in the 1990s.
Images of the bloodied faces of Osman Siban, 50, and Servet Turgut, 55, circulating online have provoked an uproar in the Kurdish community, with lawmakers from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party demanding that a parliamentary commission be set up to investigate the affair.
"Despite resisting capture," he was detained "In keeping with regulations" and had been put on a military helicopter with Turgut and the corpse of a PKK fighter.
A medical report dated Sept. 17 issued by the state-run hospital where the men were treated asserts that Siban was admitted after "Falling from a height." The report, which was seen by Al-Monitor, goes on to say that the emergency medical technician who brought him in had indicated that Siban had "Fallen from a helicopter."
"The horrific claim that two of our citizens were tortured and thrown out of a helicopter must be investigated in an effective manner," he tweeted.
Throwing people out of helicopters was one of them, according to a 2005 report by Human Rights Watch.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Siban#1 helicopter#2 Turgut#3 out#4 village#5
Post found in /worldnews, /geopolitics, /worldnews, /rojava, /geopolitics, /GoodRisingTweets, /worldnews and /kurdistan.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.09.23 23:57 RubiksPolygon Draw my two OCs as a couple

I'd like to request my two OCs just doing things a couple would do (Going out on a date, kissing, eating together, etc.)
submitted by RubiksPolygon to ICanDrawThat [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 23:12 fox1011 Request

Hoping someone can look this obitup for me.
Herschel Lawrence Garrett b 30 Jul 1914 d 22 Jun 1994
publication date 23 Jun 1994
I'd appreciate any help
submitted by fox1011 to Genealogy [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 21:28 Sohelloader Hades + Update (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)

Hades + Update (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)
Release Date : 17th Sep 2020
Genre : Action, Adventure, RPG
Publisher : Supergiant Games
Developer : Supergiant Games
Region : USA (World)
Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch
File Type : NSP/XCI
Game Size : 5.59 GB
Hades + Update - [NSP/XCI] Download Link 
Hades on 10.2 Atmosphere-NX (Proof Video)
Decode this code via (base64decode) Tutorial (How to Download)
How to Extract Multi Part RAR Files to One File
Source Link for more info
submitted by Sohelloader to Switchloader [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 21:14 Sohelloader Super Punch Patrol (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)

Super Punch Patrol (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)
Super Punch Patrol
Release Date : 17th Sep 2020
Genre : Action, Arcade, Fighting
Publisher : Hörberg Productions
Developer : Hörberg Productions
Region : USA (World)
Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch
File Type : NSP/XCI
Game Size : 122 MB
Super Punch Patrol - [NSP/XCI] Download Link 
Super Punch Patrol on 10.2 Atmosphere-NX (Proof Video)
Decode this code via (base64decode) Tutorial (How to Download)
How to Extract Multi Part RAR Files to One File
Source Link for more info
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2020.09.23 13:54 lbabinz [PSN] Big in Japan Sale

Big in Japan Sale Landing Page
Item Price MSRP % Off History*
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Aegis Of Earth Protonovus Assault $16.04 $39.99 59% off Lowest price $11.99 on 2019-1-18
Ai The Somnium Files $39.99 $79.99 50% off Matches low
Akibas Beat $11.99 $39.99 70% off Lowest price $9.99 on 2020-7-22
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2020.09.19 21:33 Sohelloader WWE 2K Battlegrounds + Update (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)

WWE 2K Battlegrounds + Update (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)
WWE 2K Battlegrounds
Release Date : Sep 18, 2020
Genre : Sports, Wrestling, Individual, Combat
Publisher : 2K Sports
Developer : Saber Interactive
Region : USA (World)
Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch
File Type : NSP/XCI
Game Size : 8.38 GB
WWE 2K Battlegrounds + Update - [NSP/XCI] Download Link 
WWE 2K Battlegrounds on 10.2 Atmosphere-NX (Proof Video)
Decode this code via (base64decode) Tutorial (How to Download)
How to Extract Multi Part RAR Files to One File
Source Link for more info
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2020.09.18 10:48 Sohelloader Ori and the Will of the Wisps + Update (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)

Ori and the Will of the Wisps + Update (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Release Date : Sep 17, 2020
Genre : Action, Platformer, 2D
Publisher : Moon Studios
Developer : Moon Studios
Region : USA (World)
Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch
File Type : NSP/XCI
Game Size : 4.33 GB
Ori and the Will of the Wisps - [NSP/XCI] Download Link 
Ori and the Will of the Wisps on 10.2 Atmosphere-NX (Proof Video)
Decode this code via (base64decode) Tutorial (How to Download)
How to Extract Multi Part RAR Files to One File
Source Link for more info
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2020.09.17 19:39 Amondsre [BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE] In the Heights (pro-shot? house-cam?)

I don't actually know the full identification for this video, it's dated 2018 in the file name but nothing with that date listed on encora. It's a single camera with zooms.
https: //mega .nz/file/PsEh2C5Y
not by me
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2020.09.16 02:54 ensluck How to get back an old deposit

Last Call for the ENS Workshop, 10 Languages, and More
📷Ethereum Name ServiceSep 15📷📷

ENS Workshop

Once a year, the ENS team invites community members to an “unconference style” workshop, in which we discuss the current state and future direction of the project. Previously we’ve held this in London and Osaka, but this year’s workshop will be held virtually.
We put out a call for participation about a month ago and just announced the date as September 29th 12noon US eastern time. To keep the discussions high quality, we ask those who wish to participate to apply. We’d love to see you there!

10 Languages

Both the ENS homepage and manager app are now available in 10 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Vietnamese. A big thanks to our volunteer translators!
ENS is for everyone, so we’d like to have the ENS manager app and homepage in many languages to make it as accessible as possible.
If you are a native speaker of another language and are interested in contributing, see the last section of our blog post on the subject.

Reclaim old deposits

If you registered a .ETH name sometime between May 2017 and May 2019 using the old auction system, you may have an unclaimed deposit.
The ability to get back your old deposit has always been possible in our manager app, but to make it even easier we’ve made a standalone app where you can quickly check to see if you have any outstanding deposits and reclaim them.


We had some great submissions for our prizes at HackFS. You can see our five winners here.
We’re also happy to be sponsoring prizes for the Apollo Gitcoin hackathon, the Chainlink hackathon, and ETHOnline.

Chainlink grant

We received a grant from Chainlink! The grant will help us work with them to use ENS for naming oracles and to cut down on costs for claiming DNS names on ENS.

Follow us

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2020.09.15 19:44 Sohelloader Super Mario 3D All-Stars (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)

Super Mario 3D All-Stars (NSP/XCI)(GD & 1fichier)
Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Release Date : Sep 18, 2020
Genre : Platformer, Action
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Region : USA (World)
Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch
File Type : NSP/XCI
Game Size : 4.73 GB
Super Mario 3D All-Stars - [NSP/XCI] Download Link 
Super Mario 3D All-Stars on 10.2 Atmosphere-NX (Proof Video)
Decode this code via (base64decode) Tutorial (How to Download)
How to Extract Multi Part RAR Files to One File
Source Link for more info
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2020.09.15 04:02 Bluedragon6745 I passed my CCMA!! Here's a guide!

I passed my NHA CCMA exam with a 459/500 (92%)! I created a second guide for passing and recorded the materials I used to study.
1st Guide for passing NHA CCMA

2nd Guide for passing NHA CCMA
I used the above reddit post to cover all of my bases and then took all three NHA practice tests. On my first practice test I was below passing before I started studying (60% or so). So if I can do it, than so can you! I also did all of the practice questions in the back of the NHA study guide 2.0. For every question I answered on the practice tests, I made sure I was familiar with ALL of the other choices as well. I took a month to study the material every day until I felt more confident in the material. For reference, my class (US career institute) went into detail about things that we weren’t going to be tested on so when I found the study guide, it felt like I had to start over from scratch. This is what many people are reporting as well from other academic institutes. Some questions consisted of things I had never seen before. I had to use a lot of guesswork for those questions. They really try to trip you up with things that aren’t on the study guide. In addition the administrative questions can be really asinine because you have to learn terminology of someone who does billing. I did one year as a medical receptionist so this stuff should have come easy! In a real world situation, there’s a clearing house for checking over codes so its not the primary responsibility of an MA to audit (*eye roll*).
The test has a 63% pass rate and they put questions that even the best and brightest won’t know, material which is uncovered in the study guide. In my opinion this isn’t fair because you should have access to 100% of the material before being tested. That is why you must study hard. But this is why I’m here to show you how to pass! I counted the number of questions on the test I felt uncertain about, even knowing all the material and it was about 15% of uncertain questions. Emphasis on really knowing your material because you have about 15% of questions that you know you will struggle with no matter how much you study. In my opinion I got lucky and answered a few of those questions right because the highest I would have been able to score would be a 85% (so I guessed right on 7% of questions that I was uncertain about using process of elimination). The last 85% of questions I felt like were pretty obvious in the sense that even if you didn’t know what the right term was, the other three answers were so obviously wrong (as long as you knew the material inside and out). To pass you need a 78% or so. That means getting between 78% and 85% is critical. So because this test was such a pain the arse, I made a detailed guide with more helpful resources that I used to succeed. There were a lot of outdated, unhelpful quizlets with the wrong info so I linked the ones I made and two of the most useful.
  1. PPE
  2. Lab Values
  3. Vitals
  4. Drug Schedules
  5. Procedures
  6. Phlebotomy
  7. Pharmacology
  8. Microbiology
  9. Diseases
  10. calculate EKG
  11. letters
· Take the NHA practice tests. There are 3 versions (A, B, C)
· Buy NHA study guide 2.0 and read throughout and highlight so that you can go back and read over important parts quickly. Do all the quizzes in the back and highlight everything you get wrong.
· Be able to describe each procedure from start to finish as if you’ve done it yourself. Watch videos for all of them, all CLIA-waived tests, all ways of taking blood, capillary, venipuncture, injections, allergy tests, and each way for each age group.
· Forget about the numerical values you learned from your textbook, memorize the values in the NHA study guide and on my quizlets
· Know vitamins and minerals, what food you would get them from and their purpose (spend time sparingly on this because it will only be one or two questions). Ex: Would you get more fiber from fruit or cereal? What mineral/vitamin/diet would you recommend for someone who has xyz disease?
· Know your medications- what each medication is for, what type of medication it is and what general symptoms you’d expect (one or two questions)
· What kind of doctor sees xyz disease
· What pathogen causes a disease, if that disease is contact, bloodborne, airborne, what PPE you would need, and what each disease symptoms are. fungal/bacterial/parasitic/viral infection?
· Know your medical terminology to figure out if a given surgery is a removal of, creation of, what.. etc
· Use your medical terminology to describe a disease given the meaning of suffix and prefix. Do you know what a suffix and prefix is?
· What supplies would you need for a test or procedure. Ex: suturing, removal of sutures, CLIA waived tests, cryosurgery, physical exam. What are the different kinds of tools for surgical procedures (forceps, probe, scissors, ..etc)
· What position to be in for every procedure and in what circumstances do you change into what position. Supine, fowlers, sims, knee chest, recumbent, etc
· Know each quadrant and what organs are in each quadrant (RUQ, LUQ, RLQ, LLQ), anatomical positions, planes, and what organ belongs to what system. Pancreas (digestion and endocrine), Thymus (endocrine and immune)
· When vitals are bad
· How to give CPR, how many compressions, breaths, etc
· How to write a letter in: Block, Modified Block, Simplified Block, Modified Block with indented paragraph. Know where the Letterhead, date (formatted January 1, 2020), inside address, salutation, body, complementary close and signature block goes on each and how much spacing is in between.
· Know the exact purpose of ICD-10 vs CPT, all about coding. Modifiers, fraud, how many letters and alphanumeric items are present in each place. Upcoding (code creep, overbilling, overcoding), bundled coding, usual fee, customary fee, reasonable fee, capitation, category I, II, III codes, phantom billing. Who do you report to for fraud? Who do you report to for unsecured HPI? What is the difference between eHPI and HPI? Who governs both? This is just the bare minimum for what you should know with admin!
· Legal terms
· Always reflect the patient’s point of view back to them for active listening
· Know EKG from NHA study guide in detail. Know leads I, II, III, AVR, AVF, AVL, and V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6. Know their color, where they go. Which ones are unipolar, bipolar, and precordial. Know all the arrythmias and in what circumstances they happen. Know how to get HR from a EKG strip (The 1500 Method: Count the number of small boxes between two successive R waves and divide this number into 1500 to obtain heart rate.. Lots of helpful youtube videos.) If this is too hard try this instead
· Theres a calculator on the computer to use for basic math even though the NHA says you won’t get a calculator
· Chain of Infection
· Drug testing, DNA paternal testing, what that is called and special precautions
· Study administrative section- questions tend to be random and not all the information can be found in the NHA study guide for this particular section. Study your classroom textbook for admin questions in addition to NHA. Write down everything you learn from practice questions
· Know different organizations and their target population. HHS, CMS, OSHA, Red cross, legal aid society, TJC, Hospice, Meals on Wheels, NAACLS, ACS, AHA to name a few
· ACO vs PCMH. We have to know the outreach programs to give to patients if they need help because of the shift to PCMH and ACO.
· At what age and how often are routine exams done (complete physical exam vs every time)
· POMR: Problem oriented documentation is organized by: database (medical history, lab results, review of systems,CC) , problem list (patient’s condition), educational, diagnostic, tx plan (rx and lab orders, tx plan), progress notes(progress notes on every problem listed in chronoligcal order) (POMR)
· CHEDDAR: CC, history, exam, detail of the problems, drugs and dosage, assessment, return visit or referral
· Video down below for SOAP
Rescue all patients, visitors, employees, staff and volunteers from immediate danger.
Alarm by pulling the closest fire pull-station and by dialing 811 or 77 (or 911 in offcampus and leased facilities) and reporting the location of the fire.
Confine the area by closing all doors.
Extinguish the fire if the fire is small (use P.A.S.S). Evacuate patients from the area if instructed to do so by fire officials or hospital leadership.
And what organization governs emergencies.
  1. free practice test
  2. more practice questions
  3. Helpful videos for overall understanding. If you know how to perform each procedure as if you actually had to do it, you won’t be tripped up material not being in the study guide.
  5. rapid strep
  6. intradermal injection
  7. IM injection
  8. SC injection
  9. phlebotomy technique
I had a well rounded knowledge of anatomy and physiology before taking this class, I had an easy background with what shock is and when vitals don’t look too hot. You might need to study these sections more than I do but I promise you that it’s really not too bad!
A little about me: I am a certified EMT and I have a Biology degree. I recently suffered a back injury and went through lots of hip surgery so I can no longer lift patients into the back of an ambulance, which ended my short life as a EMT. In addition to that during all of COVID I lost my best friend to suicide. There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout the past few months. I want to be a Physician Assistant and I’m using CCMA as way to get hours towards school. Learning what I did from being injured and losing my best friend taught me that even though you may be limited physically, mentally, whatever gets you down, don’t lose hope of your dreams. There’s going to be good days and bad days in life and you aren’t defined by those bad days where you just lose motivation. Keep pushing forward because you can always find another way. You can succeed too.
submitted by Bluedragon6745 to MedicalAssistant [link] [comments]

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2020.09.13 16:43 free2019 MotoGP 2020 Full Version PC Game Free Download (Windows)

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2020.09.13 14:16 HomerQuotingHomer Part 2: The case for #FlattentheCurve – the significant costs and benefits of elimination and lockdown, including perspective on ‘long-term effects’ alarmism

Part 2: The case for #FlattentheCurve – the significant costs and benefits of elimination and lockdown, including perspective on ‘long-term effects’ alarmism
Part 2: The case for #FlattentheCurve – the significant costs and benefits of elimination and lockdown, including perspective on ‘long-term effects’ alarmism
In the first post of 'The case for #FlattentheCurve' I dedicated some time to the question of:
“Are we being successful; by what standard?”
This question is a much better question than making arguments from a position of “who’s right and wrong?” (i.e. generally how the Sweden debate is framed). We should be looking to optimise our strategy and using this frame we could still improve our approaches even if we were to believe we are the best in the world.
I also pointed out that we should bring some perspective to the issue of COVID-19 mortality as compared to background mortality. We should recognise that there is an inherent need for public policy to weigh up the “value of a life” and the “quality of life” alongside many other measures of public good – personal freedoms, economic outcomes, education, social cohesion, etc.
Put plainly, a human life cannot be “priceless” otherwise we would attempt to take no risks and counter-productively shorten our own lives (and certainly destroy our happiness and prosperity). If we were to pretend that human lives are priceless and seek to protect them “at all costs” then we would degrade our ability sustain overall public health and good (given limited resources). For example:
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee rejects 69 per cent of anti-cancer drugs because they are not cost-effective.
So, there is obviously a need to consider whether the Australia’s strategy for COVID-19 is balanced. I think everyone will understand this is worthwhile thing to assess. Unfortunately, it is largely ignored in the daily cycle of cases and deaths. Even worse, the topic can become a point scoring exercise over narrow data-points.
So, this post is intended to extend the discussion from fundamentals of the “skeptical position” (Part 1) to a view of whether the cost and benefit trade-off from our approach to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 makes sense. As I asserted in Part 1:
“COVID-19 currently holds a very special place in [our willingness to pay to reduce the risk of death]. Governments, at least in Australasia, have had a sudden and massively increased willingness to incur unprecedented costs (not just financial expense) to reduce the risk of death. The appetite to do “whatever it takes” is not being applied simply to those who are truly at risk, but also to prevent any transmission to those who are not at much risk at all.”
I am attempting to put that assertion to the test here in the best way that I can. I would very much welcome any constructive critique, discussion, or recommendations to improve the analysis. I have tried to layout the basis and data as simply as possible.
… Everyone right to go?
Framing the discussion
Per Part 1, there is a need to outline some key points to frame the discussion.
First, the IFR of COVID-19 is undergoing continual revision and is variously estimated by different authorities and studies, e.g. ~0.6% (WHO), and ~0.4% in the above study. The IFR is also likely to be variable by region and demographics. For example, a recently study puts the IFR at 0.3% for Icelanders:
Of the 1797 persons who had recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection, 1107 of the 1215 who were tested (91.1%) were seropositive; antiviral antibody titers assayed by two pan-Ig assays increased during 2 months after diagnosis by qPCR and remained on a plateau for the remainder of the study. Of quarantined persons, 2.3% were seropositive; of those with unknown exposure, 0.3% were positive. We estimate that 0.9% of Icelanders were infected with SARS-CoV-2 and that the infection was fatal in 0.3%.
The point of this is not to say that COVID-19 is not deadly. That would be ignoring the mortality that has already happened. However, we do need to recognise that the originally feared IFR (2.5%+) has not eventuated, and accordingly we should factor this into our weighing our response moving forward. We should also consider whether that fear drove us to take actions which were disproportionately costly to the threat posed.
Second, is that the mortality risks of COVID-19 within the general population are well established. The risk stratifies to the elderly and those with comorbidities.
The estimated IFR is close to zero for children and younger adults but rises exponentially with age, reaching 0.4% at age 55, 1.3% at age 65, 4.5% at age 75, and 15% at age 85. We find that differences in the age structure of the population and the age-specific prevalence of COVID-19 explain 90% of the geographical variation in population IFR. Consequently, protecting vulnerable age groups could substantially reduce the incidence of mortality
This knowledge should influence the way we view the mortality impact of COVID-19 as compared to our expectations of mortality in normal settings. We know that as you get older your mortality increases and your life expectancy decreases. Utility and quality of life also tends to degrade, although the experience is different from individual to individual, so is difficult to weigh. We do know that as you enter aged-care facilities or palliative care you are probably nearing the end of your life (an unfortunate reality).
Thirdly, we are going to need to find a way to quantify “the benefits and costs” of our strategy. This means that we need to attribute some value to a “life year” for the analysis. From my research, Australia does not have a set standard for the value of a life year (or I couldn’t find it). So I have referred to the number used by Professor Tony Blakely and Professor Nick Wilson in their March 2020 analysis:
How much do we spend to try to reap this expected gain? Based on rules of thumb in the health sector (e.g. decisions on which medicines to approve and fund) – about $A100,000 per life year.
Another good baseline is to look at our overall healthcare expenditure. According to this source:
In 2017–18, an estimated $185.4 billion was spent on health goods and services in Australia. This equates to an average of approximately $7,485 per person
It is worth noting that includes personal, private insurance and non-government spending; with Federal and State combined spending at ~127 billion. Apparently, our spending is 7th highest in the OECD, so we can probably safely say that Australia’s appetite for spending to achieve better health outcomes is quite high.
Perspective on ‘long-term effects’ alarmism
One of the persistent points of concern is that of the potential “long-term” or chronic illnesses which could result from COVID-19. I expect it would be raised in reply to this post. You could make comparisons between this and the initial fears for the IFR; in the absence of good data (and responsible reporting) people will assume the worst possible or most extreme outcome is going to eventuate.
This video by a UK Cardiologist, shared by u/frawks24, does a really good job of putting quite a bit of the alarmism into perspective.
But, how to approach it in this analysis?
It is quite difficult because there simply is not a great deal of data or meta-analysis for ‘chronic illness or morbidity’ as being a widespread issue following COVID-19 recovery. Studies have commenced but they a long way from being completed. Some initial studies have been conducted but they demonstrate narrow effects or have even been debunked / retracted.
There are plenty of anecdotes, alarmist articles and social media posts, but nothing all that substantive so far in terms of systemic studies. Apparent illnesses following COVID-19 range from headaches and lethargy, all the way through the horrible burning pains for months on end. People are claiming all kinds of things, making comparisons to HIV, and generally conflating so called “mounting evidence” with actual evidence.
Governments which have seen widespread community transmission and recoveries are not (yet) raising the alarm over a sudden increase in other chronic illnesses popping up across their populations. Of note:
  • There has been something like ~28m confirmed infections of COVID-19 worldwide. A magnitude more cases will have gone undetected and will have been largely asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. The estimates for this range significantly (10 times seems to be suggested as a rule of thumb, but some estimates are much higher) and there is some good background on this topic here:
  • Some people are saying they have non-chronic but noticeable symptoms which linger for a period post recovery, although it is difficult to get an actual proportion of these against confirmed cases.
  • Still fewer people than this are claiming / attributing more serious chronic illnesses or conditions. The instances of these seem to be largely anecdotal and very rare as far as I can tell.
Anyway, the point of raising it is that I am not going to simply dismiss ‘long-term effects’ in my analysis. Instead, I am going to make an explicit assumption that there are some long-term effects for some proportion of the population. However, I am not going to assume it is delayed ebola virus where your organs melt after 12 months’ time. That does not seem reasonable.
More to come on this later.
Establishing a range of ‘years of life’ saved
We need to start with a baseline of the years of life we expect we will have saved by pursuing the path we have.
In the first post I provided the example of Japan, which did not implement any general lockdown, has much greater community transmission, and an older population - yet has roughly one-third the death rate per million that we do in Australia. It achieved this specifically by protecting aged-care facilities and the vulnerable. Yet, we are told there is “only one option” for Australia…Anyway, that was the last post.
For the purpose of this analysis I am going to look at a range of potential mortality outcomes under alternative settings. This does not require any fancy or difficult calculations, because we can simply look at deaths per million from overseas.
Confirmed deaths per million - Sep'10 2020 Source: Our World in Data:
San Marino and Andorra are very small countries, so we will remove them from our analysis, and take the average of the remaining countries, as well as the world average, which gives:
Australia’s current population is ~25.5m. So, a proxy for lives saved to-date would be between 2,200 and 16,200 lives (just by scaling to the top and average death rates above). This estimate is actually a little bit higher than Federal CHO Brendan Murphy’s estimate of 14,000 avoided deaths.
Now, let us calculate the expected age-stratification of those deaths. I will apply the Australian mortality data, and to cross-check I have also selected Italy given that we have much lower transmission.
This provides the following results:
What we see here is that applying Italy’s mortality seems to output a greater burden on the young. So, if we use Italy as the assumption then our ‘life years” saved will be greater (i.e. we assume we are saving more life years). We can reference the Australian Life Tables as a guide to calculating an expected “numbers of years lost” for each age group, as follows:
So that gives us a range of ‘gross life years saved’ between ~27,000 and ~203,000 to-date, prior to any adjustments we need to make.
Excess mortality and adjusting for real-world observations
You will hopefully note that there are two material adjustments which are required:
  1. The substantive proportion of deaths are in aged care (70%; 588 Australia-wide; 557 in Victoria), in which individuals tend to have a much lower life expectancy than the general population. Adjusting for this will bring down ‘life years saved’ as average life expectancy in aged care is 2 to 3 years. If we are conservative (again) and say that 40% of the overall deaths (from ages 70+) would have been aged-care related, then that would bring the overall ‘years of life saved’ to a ‘high-end’ of 160,421.
  2. COVID-19 mortality substantially impacts individuals with comorbidities. These are also individuals which will have a lower life expectancy than the average. However, this would be complex to calculate because we would need establish specific comorbidities impacted for Australia, and the relative life expectancy with those. So, we will exclude any adjustment for this.
By this stage we can see we have built a conservative view of life years saved by assuming more deaths and only adjusting the aged-care factor, not comorbidities. There is a further consideration that we could make, which is whether any of the ‘lives saved’ in our projection would part of background mortality or excess mortality.
Put another way, given that ~160,000 Australian’s die per annum would the ~16,200 lives saved (high-end) in this analysis be entirely in excess to that (i.e. they would not have died except for COVID-19)? Probably not. However, in the interests of keeping this simple (and conservative) I will assume that these are entirely excess deaths.
I will use the figure provided by Professor Blakely of $100,000 AUD per life year; if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me.
This equates to ~$16bn. A pretty large number. No wonder elimination and lockdowns seemed like a great idea in March… even more so when doomsday mortality figures were being thrown around. Let us move on to the next section.
Mounting costs of massive government intervention
I’ll start this section by saying that it is obvious Victoria is creating all kinds of issues, not just for the people of Victoria who are enduring the longest and strictest lockdown in a western democracy, but for the national strategy.
Stepping back. In March, the Grattan Institute said ‘shutdown’ for 8 to 12 weeks (Endgame C) and wait for a vaccine if it was coming shortly. Unless of course the 8 to 12 week shutdown was not successful, in which case we should #FlattentheCurve (Endgame A). There are a few things they did not account for:
  • Each state taking divergent paths.
  • Victoria being the only state to fail in its control of the virus.
  • Other states slamming their borders shut until zero is achieved.
Hence, as a nation we are essentially ‘locked in’ to ‘locking down’ Victorians, otherwise the country cannot re-open. Either that or Victoria will be isolated (unless there were some partnership with NSW). This ‘critical flaw’ was always inherent in the elimination strategy because once started there was no way to force the states to work together in changing circumstances (and they have not).
Recalling a quote from Part 1:
“Not surprisingly, willingness to pay to reduce the risk of death varies significantly with the type of death.”
It bears repeating that COVID-19 seems to hold a special place on our willingness to do “whatever it takes”. So, we should reflect for a moment on whether the costs we are incurring to eliminate COVID-19 makes sense when compared to normal settings.
Let's look at the fiscal costs which have been incurred to-date. From a federal perspective, the Parliamentary Budget Office provides a good summary of the fiscal impact - noting that this is pre-extension of lockdown in Victoria.
“The analysis shows that the impact of COVID-19 may result in Commonwealth Government net debt in 2029–30 being between 14 and 24 per cent of GDP (up to $800 billion) higher than it would have been otherwise, as shown in the chart”
“Any new spending measures, unless offset by other savings, would result in a further deterioration in the fiscal aggregates in these scenarios.”
In fact, the fiscal forecast has continued to deteriorate month-on-month since April, and is likely to continue to do so as the lockdown in Victoria is ongoing, international borders remain closed, and hard borders across the country prevent the recovery of key industries and economic drivers (tourism, migration, hospitality, etc.). State debts are also ballooning with Victoria’s predicament looking particularly dire right now. Given the $116bn hit is estimated for inner Melbourne alone, we can be pretty certain that the overall economic situation is looking pretty bad.
Scott Morrison’s ‘hibernate the economy’ concept which he touted at the outset of pandemic was a complete fallacy. I believe it was misleading. It is increasingly looking like the cost of COVID-19, including the drive to achieve elimination, could be well north of 1 trillion AUD when you combine lost GDP, as well as ballooning federal and state government debts.
Of course, we could not attribute all of this to our strategic choice of elimination. A recent paper by a New Zealand economist Dr Martin Lally, who analyses the cost/benefit of the New Zealand approach, makes the following point:
“Some of these GDP losses would have arisen without any government-imposed restrictions, because some people would have reduced their interactions with others anyway; for example, a foreigner electing not to make a trip to New Zealand that they would otherwise have made. Further losses would have arisen due to the additional actions of foreign governments; for example, foreign governments preventing their citizens from making foreign trips. Further losses would have arisen if the New Zealand government had followed merely a mitigation strategy. Further losses would have arisen from the New Zealand government instead following a suppression strategy. It is only the last of these losses that can be attributed to the New Zealand government choosing to lockdown rather than mitigate.”
Dr Lally suggests 25% of New Zealand’s overall projected GDP impact as attributable to lockdown, and that is also prior to their second lockdown in Auckland.
It is right to claim that we would have seen significant impacts from COVID-19 even without lockdowns and hard borders in Australia. However, it is relatively indisputable that the forced closure businesses and industries by the government, and repeated lockdowns, is going to incur a very heavy cost on its own as well.
Even if we only assume that only 10% of the potential GDP impact of $800bn (ignoring state debts etc.) is due to lockdowns, hard borders, and other restrictions then we are looking at an $80bn cost. If we used 25% (Dr Lally’s number), we would have a range between $80bn to $200bn.
Using the 'lower-end' 80bn, this equates to ~$500K to ‘per life year saved’ under our high-end projection - which is 5 times higher than Professor Blakely’s value for a life year. At the low-end projection of life years saved it would be nearly $3m per life year. Given the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee generally approve drugs and medicines which cost less than $50K per quality adjusted life year, we know that we’re in pretty rich territory in terms of our intervention costs so far.
Another way to put it in perspective is that the cost ‘per life’ (rather than life year) would be ~$5m. For this kind cost to make sense under normal settings, then every single death / life saved (in our high projection), of the ~16,000, would need to be a relatively young adult with 40 years of life ahead of them. We know that is not the case from the IFR data.
So, at this point we have some reasonable assumptions for what we could call our “core” benefits and costs. However, there are two ‘quality of life’ assumptions we should be attributing some values to and the magnitude of these numbers could swing things substantially:
  1. Benefits from avoiding long-term effects
  2. Temporary ‘people and society’ costs as a result of lockdowns
Onwards! If you're still with me...
Assuming some numbers for ‘long-term effects’
Earlier I provided some perspective on ‘long-term effects’; recognising that we should factor in some cost because we don’t yet know the extent of this (maybe it's real, maybe it's not). A calculation for long-term effects could also be a reasonable proxy for the often stated “fear of contagion” negative impacts if we had community transmission occurring.
So, for the purposes of this analysis let us use the following assumptions:
  • A portion of COVID-19 recoveries would either have lingering symptoms which temporarily reduce their quality of life (say for 6 months).
  • A small proportion will incur some sort of chronic illness for the rest of their lives. We will also assume that the likelihood of these occurring follows the age-stratification as COVID-19 mortality, which intuitively makes sense given risk of illness and chronic illness increases as you age.
So I am going to base the analysis on the following parameters, and these produce some pretty substantive numbers:
  • 60% of the Australian population are infected before we achieve a natural level of herd immunity and the pandemic subsides; ~15.2m people
  • 10% have ‘lingering symptoms’ temporarily reducing their quality of life; ~1.5m people. We will quantify their illness by saying that their quality of life is reduced by 20% before they fully recover over a period of six months. These are reasonably bad symptoms for a lot of people.
  • 0.5% suffers a chronic illness as a result; ~75,000 people. They will lose a 25% of their remaining life expectancy. That’s a fairly substantial impact.
This is what the ‘years of life’ looks like for those assumptions:
These are some staggering figures given that they are actually greater than ‘years of life saved’ we calculated earlier. Still, that is what people seem to be fearing so we will keep them for our purposes. The ‘benefits’ accrued by avoiding this, again using the $100,000 AUD figure, would be ~$39bn AUD.
This is a significant number and even if it is only a general assumption it is quite revealing of something else. The hyper-focus on deaths and preventing deaths (by government and media), with little value attributed to other aspects of life, misses what is a much larger part of the overall equation....
... which takes us to the next section.
Costs on people and society
Aside from GDP, there are other costs to our lives as a result of our strategy. Many of the things which are typically of value and importance to us have been temporarily taken away – such as the ability to see family who are interstate, travel, and larger social events. We know that people are being prevented or restricted from participating in some of the important milestones of their lives, such as funerals, weddings, birthdays, births, etc. These are all "worth something". As is the ability to exercise your own agency, work and just generally determine your own day.
I do not want to labour the point or make this too complex, so for the purposes of this analysis let us say that for every state, except Victoria, the balance is OK on a temporary basis (until the vaccine). The restrictions on life in these states are generally reasonable (unless you are unlucky), and as such the overall quality of life in 2020 is pretty much as it was in 2019.
Victoria is another story entirely. Some will have been devastated, some will be hanging in there, and others will be doing OK for now and just want it to be over. Every single one has had their lives impacted in some way though. For all intent and purposes, this is not a dissimilar calculation to the concept of ‘lingering effects’ in that Victorians have had some faculty they valued taken away temporarily. Even if you support the measures and you're a Victorian, there will have been some personal cost to you (unless you already lived inside 23 hours a day and never ventured outside your suburb).
Intuitively (and it has been reported as such), the costs of these measures will more greatly affect the younger age groups, who are more social and physically active. It still is not without cost to the elderly who are no doubt more isolated than ever before. So, if we assume that overall quality of life for Victorians over the last 6 months (or until 24 October) has only been reduced by a maximum of 10% in any age group (5% for the elderly) then we get something like the below.
Converting to monetary terms, in the same way as above, this equates to ~$25.4bn.
It’s not near the level of ‘long-term effects’ that we calculated above, but it is not insignificant (and it is probably underestimated given the severity of actual restrictions in Victoria).
This also does not include any of the costs associated with chronic illness or deaths which might be exacerbated by the lockdowns. For example, we know that Victoria has some inordinate number of elective surgeries that have been delayed. I am not going to try and calculate those here, but they are no doubt significant as well. If you do not believe that the above ‘quality of life’ figure is reasonable, then you might choose to use it as a proxy for exacerbated illnesses… or calculate your own.
Playing (or is it praying?) for a vaccine
So, we know the vaccine is close right? We bloody well hope it is given the state of things.
Let us assume we get it before end-March 2021 and it is 100% effective, which means that we have saved every life year we would have otherwise lost in the above analysis. Victoria comes out of lockdown on time and the nation re-opens by Christmas. We do not end up spending any more money intervening through lockdown measures by that point (it's all baked in).
Under this kind of described scenario, I should increase the ‘life years saved’ because presumably we will "save more lives" over the subsequent six months. In fact, in the interests of remaining conservative, I will double that benefit and only use the low-end fiscal costs.
What does the summary look like then?
It looks like we are well and truly underwater in terms of strategy; by some ~$30bn. Even if you make no allowance for the temporary ‘quality of life costs’ of lockdown in Victoria, but assume you will have avoided long-term effects, the equation still appears to be negative for our strategy.
How would we reconcile this given we were told this is the best way? Or the "only way" if you're in Victoria.
The elimination and lockdown strategy may have made sense at 8 to 12 weeks, but it's downside risks and costs were vastly underestimated. In the panic of March 2020, an “at all costs” approach probably made sense. If the mortality rate from COVID-19 was 2.5%, then it would have been justified. However, the mortality rate is simple is not that high in observation. Further to this, if the vaccine does not prove to be fully effective at preventing community transmission and mortality from COVID-19, then our claimed benefits can only get worse.
In fact, if you support elimination and lockdown at this point, a useful question worth asking is:
  • How many lives do we have to save for the elimination and lockdown strategy to be successful?
  • If the vaccine isn't fully effective, is a 90% reduction in comparative mortality good enough? How about a 50% reduction?
  • Do we need to guarantee zero excess deaths from COVID-19 before we re-open?
Before I close out, how might I interpret my own analysis in a way that is a counterfactual to support the ‘elimination and lockdown’ argument?
  • Victoria’s bungling has cost the whole nation dearly (and Victorians obviously)
  • If not for Victoria, we would have been shutdown for only 8 to 12 weeks nationally.
  • If not for Victoria, then the national borders would be open and the impact to the nation would be far less than it will end up being. We would in fact be recovering very quickly.
  • Therefore 'staying the course' makes sense for the majority of Australians based on the current settings they are experiencing (but perhaps not when all the costs are counted at 'the end').
Closing comment
If you have managed to get through this ~5000 word analysis / argument, then I say to you “congratulations, but what are you doing with your life?”… :)
Really though, you may vehemently disagree on the assertions, calculations, or assumptions used here. You may agree in parts, but think some of these are underestimated or overestimated. Ultimately, this is to prompt discussion and I will correct any mistakes I've made or even happy to make reasoned adjustments.
Any feedback or genuine discussion is much appreciated.
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2020.09.12 17:45 Lagge123 QC TAGheuer Aquaracer calibre 5 from TT

Hi everyone
This is my first time buying a decent rep (hopefully) and I bought the TAGheuer Aquaracer. I would like to hear from you guys what you think about the quality. The only things that I noticed could be off are the old TAG logo, I think they use a new one since 2015. And other than that, I think the little circle on the bezel looks a bit too big.
Anyway let me know what you think! Thanks in advance
Here is the link to the QC picures:

Dealer name: Andrew from TrustyTime
Factory name: Arf
Model name (& version number): TAGHEUER Aquaracer calibre 5 SS/SS 23J
Album Links:
Index alignment: Looks fine
Dial Printing: Looks good to me. Only not sure about the TAG logo and the date, since its my first watch
Date Wheel alignment/printing: Seems good
Hand Alignment: Looks very good
Bezel: Looks good to me.
Solid End Links (SELs): N/A
Timegrapher numbers: N/A
Anything else you notice: I know the serial numbers on the back do not belong to an actual tag model
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2020.09.12 13:47 CSGOMatchThreads Intel Extreme Masters XV - New York / Information, Schedule & Discussion

Intel Extreme Masters XV - New York



Format (Europe)

Group Stage
  • October 6th - 9th
  • Double-elimination bracket (GSL Format)
  • Two groups of four teams each
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs
  • Bottom two teams from each group are eliminated
  • October 10th - 11th
  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Best-of-five grand final

Format (North America)

Group Stage
  • October 6th - 7th
  • Round-robin format
  • Two groups of six teams each
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Top three teams advance to the playoffs
  • October 15th - 18th
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Best-of-five grand final

Format (CIS)

Group Stage
  • October 8th - 9th
  • Round-robin format
  • Two groups of six teams each
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Top three teams advance to the playoffs
  • October 23rd - 25th
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Best-of-five grand final

Broadcast Talent

Cyber Legacy: clax, fostar, glowiing, seized, tricky, Coach: XomA
ESPADA: degster, Dima, FinigaN, Patsi, S0tF1k, Coach: hally
Ethereal: BELCHONOKK, KENSI, PASHANOJ, R0b3n, zorte, Coach: OverDrive
forZe: almazer, facecrack, FL1T, Jerry, xsepower, Coach: liTTle
Gambit Youngsters: Ax1Le, interz, nafany, sh1ro, supra
Hard Legion Esports: Forester, kinqie, Krad, rAge, svyat, Coach: starix
k23: kade0, Keoz, mou, n0rb3r7, neaLaN
Natus Vincere: Boombl4, electronic, flamie, Perfecto, s1mple, Coach: B1ad3
Nemiga Gaming: boX, Jyo, lollipop21k, mds, speed4k, Coach: keep3r
Team Spirit: chopper, iDISBALANCE, magixx, mir, sdy, Coach: Certus buster, Jame, qikert, SANJI, YEKINDAR, Coach: dastan
Winstrike Team: bondik, El1an, KrizzeN, Lack1, NickelBack, Coach: hooch
BIG: k1to, syrsoN, tabseN, tiziaN, XANTARES, Coach: tow b
Complexity Gaming: blameF, k0nfig, oBo, poizon, RUSH, Coach: keita
FaZe Clan: broky, coldzera, Kjaerbye, NiKo, rain, Coach: YNk
Fnatic: Brollan, flusha, Golden, JW, KRIMZ, Coach: Samuelsson
G2 Esports: AmaNEk, huNter-, JaCkz, kennyS, nexa, Coach: maLeK
Heroic: b0RUP, cadiaN, niko, stavn, TeSeS
OG: Aleksib, ISSAA, mantuu, NBK-, valde, Coach: ruggah
Team Vitality: apEX, misutaaa, RpK, shox, ZywOo, Coach: XTQZZZ
North America
100 Thieves: AZR, Gratisfaction, jkaem, jks, Liazz, Coach: ImAPet
Cloud9: floppy, JT, motm, oSee, Sonic, Coach: T.c
Evil Geniuses: Brehze, CeRq, Ethan, stanislaw, tarik, Coach: zews
FURIA Esports: arT, HEN1, KSCERATO, VINI, yuurih, Coach: guerri
Gen.G Esports: autimatic, BnTeT, daps, koosta, s0m, Coach: Elmapuddy
MIBR: FalleN, fer, kNgV-, TACO, trk
New England Whalers: ben1337, Bwills, djay, PwnAlone, Rampage, Coach: Muenster
Swole Patrol: Cooper-, dazzLe, Infinite, wippie, Zellsis, Coach: Immi
Team Liquid: EliGE, Grim, NAF, Stewie2K, Twistzz, Coach: moses
Team oNe eSports: b4rtiN, malbsMd, Maluk3, pesadelo, prt, Coach: cky
Triumph: junior, moose, penny, Shakezullah, Spongey, Coach: tacitus
Yeah Gaming: dumau, f4stzin, RCF, Swisher, tatazin, Coach: mza


Day 1 (Tuesday October 6)
Day 2 (Wednesday October 7)
Day 3 (Thursday October 8)
Day 4 (Friday October 9)
Day 5 (Saturday October 10)
ESF TBD vs TBD TBD 05:00 08:00 09:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 20:00 23:00 BO3
ESF TBD vs TBD TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 17:30 18:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
Day 6 (Sunday October 11)
EGF Winner ESF vs Winner ESF TBD 07:00 10:00 11:00 14:00 16:00 17:00 22:00 01:00 BO5
Day 7 (Thursday October 15)
Day 8 (Friday October 16)
Day 9 (Saturday October 17)
Day 10 (Sunday October 18)
NGF Winner NSF vs Winner NSF TBD 12:00 15:00 16:00 19:00 21:00 22:00 03:00 06:00 BO5
Day 11 (Friday October 23)
Day 12 (Saturday October 24)
Day 13 (Sunday October 25)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
CGF Winner CSF vs Winner CSF TBD 04:00 07:00 08:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 18:00 21:00 BO5

Prize Pool

# Prize RMR ESL Pro Tour Team
1st $20,000 2500 pts 350 pts Winner CGF
2nd $7,000 2344 pts 200 pts Loser CGF
3rd $4,000 2188 pts 125 pts
4th $4,000 2031 pts 125 pts
5th $3,000 1875 pts 70 pts
6th $3,000 1719 pts 70 pts
7th $2,000 1563 pts 45 pts
8th $2,000 1406 pts 45 pts
9th $1,500 1250 pts 25 pts
10th $1,500 1094 pts 25 pts
11th $1,000 938 pts -
12th $1,000 781 pts -
# Prize ESL Pro Tour Team
1st $70,000 400 pts Winner EGF
2nd $30,000 275 pts Loser EGF
3rd - 4th $12,000 140 pts Loser ESF
3rd - 4th $12,000 140 pts Loser ESF
5th - 6th $5,000 70 pts Loser EAD
5th - 6th $5,000 70 pts Loser EBD
7th - 8th $3,000 - Loser EAL
7th - 8th $3,000 - Loser EBL
North America
# Prize RMR ESL Pro Tour Team
1st $25,000 2500 pts 400 pts Winner CGF
2nd $10,000 2344 pts 285 pts Loser CGF
3rd $5,000 2188 pts 155 pts
4th $5,000 2031 pts 155 pts
5th $3,000 1875 pts 85 pts
6th $3,000 1719 pts 85 pts
7th $2,000 1563 pts 55 pts
8th $2,000 1406 pts 55 pts
9th $1,500 1250 pts 30 pts
10th $1,500 1094 pts 30 pts
11th $1,000 938 pts -
12th $1,000 781 pts -
submitted by CSGOMatchThreads to GlobalOffensiveTest [link] [comments]

2020.09.10 18:31 mafangulo Can't filter column results
What am I doing wrong? :(
I just wanna hide the negative results and the 0 since I only wanna see what's the real available items are there.
select, as NAME, articulo.partnumber as PARTNUMBER, articulo.upc as GTIN, articulo.images, articulo.preciocosto * (1 - iva.tarifa) as COST, articulo.Detalle, articulo.Garantia, as MARCA, articulo.Wattage, articulo.Peso, articulo.Alto, articulo.Ancho, articulo.Largo, articulo.videourl, IFNULL(stock.Fisico, 0) as Fisico, IFNULL(reserva.Pendiente, 0) as Reservado, IFNULL(ventas.Bajas, 0) as Bajas, (IFNULL(stock.Fisico, 0) - IFNULL(reserva.Pendiente, 0)) as Disponible from api_articulo articulo inner join api_marca am on (articulo.marca_id = inner join api_iva iva on (articulo.iva_id = LEFT JOIN ( select movimiento.articulo_id, SUM(cantidad) as Fisico from Stock_stockmovimiento movimiento -- where -- Date(fecha) <= p_date GROUP BY movimiento.articulo_id ) stock on = stock.articulo_id left join ( SELECT pendiente.articulo_id, SUM(pendiente.cantidad) AS Pendiente FROM Stock_stockreserva pendiente WHERE -- Date(pendiente.fechaRegistrado) >= p_date AND pendiente.reservaCancelada = 0 AND pendiente.venta_id IS NULL AND pendiente.movimiento_id IS NULL GROUP by pendiente.articulo_id ) reserva on = reserva.articulo_id left join ( SELECT movimiento.articulo_id, SUM(-1 * movimiento.cantidad) as Bajas from Stock_stockmovimiento movimiento where -- Date(fecha) = p_date and movimiento.tipo = 'S' and movimiento.venta_id is not null GROUP BY movimiento.articulo_id ) ventas on = ventas.articulo_id WHERE stock.articulo_id IS NOT NULL AND ventas.articulo_id IS NOT NULL AND stock.articulo_id IS NOT NULL; 
Any ideas? Thanks!
submitted by mafangulo to SQL [link] [comments]

2020.09.10 02:06 Jaracgos The Engoodening of r/WorldPolitics, Diary of a Meme War

The Beginning: From Politics to Hentai

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
Straight up anime titties hentai. Your move mods, let's see if you have the balls to remove my post.
was submitted by u/TheLoIiLicker69.
This post and it being later pinned is ground zero for everything that happened to WorldPolitics and started the first wave of off-topic shitposts: Hentai and Waifu- not e-thots, not Warhammer 40K.
Here are his motivations as he put them:
Over the past few days, several karmawhoring reposts of "upvote this picture of trump looking dumb" that blatantly break sitewide reddit rules have been upvoted to the front page of all and the subreddit kept getting spammed with them. Yes I understand there is basically no moderation here, but Reddit rule 4 literally says "asking for votes or engaging in vote manipulation" is prohibited. At the very least the mods should remove posts that violate sitewide rules. And no I'm not a salty Trumptard, the "uPvOtE rEpOsTeD pIcTuReS oF _____ cUz GoOglE" are just actual cancer. Look at the comments of any one of those posts, no one likes them. The mods were asked to do something about it but they flat out refused to do their jobs and ban or remove a single post on this subreddit. Thus, the sub has dissolved into chaos and is full of shitposters like me spamming it with stupid memes or straight up porn because the mods are too smallbrained to do anything.
Edit: every one keeps thinking I'm a salty MAGA Trumptard for some reason. Let me assure you that is not the case, I in fact despise trump as a person. All people wanted was for the mods to ban "upvote this picture of ______ so it shows up on google" posts because they are annoying and no one fucking likes them. This is worldpolitics not WeHateTrumpCirclejerk, go shit on Trump in one of the sanders subreddits they love that stuff.
Edit 2: also for everyone saying this is child porn please kindly check your eyes and tell me what child you've seen with these bountiful pair of double D titties. Not to mention this character, Aki Nijou, is literally a mid-20s school nurse in the anime Maken-ki so she's 100% legal. Kindly stop spamming my inbox saying she's an "age indeterminate teen."
Post Link:
Comment Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
In exasperation from the influx of porn and hentai shitposts, the moderators set /worldpolitics to private. This was only a temporary action but when the subreddit opened back up it had seen a substantial moderator exodus and a few newcomers.
New WorldPolitics moderator u/FreeSpeechWarrior had this to say on another subreddit, WatchRedditDie:
Nah it got privatized because a recently added mod went rogue and added some of the protestors as mods who then locked down the sub, made it NSFW, stickied hentai etc... I've reverted the damage. We let people post what they want within the rules of Reddit and don't try to exercise any control over the discussion beyond what the admins require of us. If people want to post about US Politics / Trump (whether for or against him) in Reddit's most unrestricted political/news sub then they are welcome to do so. If you don't like the content in worldpolitics you can vote it down.
Part of the 'damage' that was referred to as being reverted has been confirmed to have been removing from the mod team long-standing moderator u/ilvisar (alt) along with u/TheLoIiLicker69, who had served mere minutes. The name was also reverted back to its original state from being temporarily christened 'WorldPolititties', and u/TheLoliLicker69's post was removed from sticky.
Comment Link:
I have been able to substantiate this through off-site interviews with u/TheLoIiLicker69, a comment on a selfpost, and through the collaboration of fellow journalists mentioned below.
Discord Quote:
"i was never supposed to be a mod and I was only there for 20 minutes before I got removed lol. The only reason I got to mess around with the sub was because one of the actual mods ilvisar was also tired of the orange man bad karma farming hellhole that worldpol was turning into, so he added me to screw with it together."
Comment Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
I'm the former mod of worldpolitics that made it a hentai sub before I was booted, AMA
was submitted by u/ilvisar.
This was an AMA posted to casualiama in which a booted moderator, using an alternate account, answered users questions on the events happening on his former subreddit.
Post Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
Rate limiting is in effect
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
It limited submissions to two posts per hour to try and cut down on spamming. The limit was later lifted and the post edited to reflect, but I am unsure exactly when the edit was made and the limitation removed.
Post Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020 -
Anime_Titties was chartered by u/M1chaelSc4rn, with u/TheLoIiLicker69 as a moderator, to be the new home for discussing world politics. Its governing rules were set in place on his post titled “What is and isn't allowed regarding posts related to the U.S”.
Note from the Author:
This is actually a great sub. Please join in. No Shitposting.
Subreddit Link:
Post Link:
Thursday, May 7th 2020
The Chronical of worldpolitics anime_titties and PearlsOfAnimeTitties"
was written by u/TheAmazingKyla on /PearlsOfAnimeTitties, a tangential subreddit focusing on meta discussion of /anime_titties. This post served as explanation to the formation of the newfound home for global political discussion.
Here are the insightful words:
Settle down children and I'll tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably?"
"It all started long ago, when worldpolitics, a sub for "world" "politics" began karma whoring over real world political news. It was minor at first, but as soon as it began, it was nay to be stoped. As more and more karma whoring got posted, more and more became discruntled and disamused, untill 5 posts in no time at all were all begging for upvotes about upstein and trump being together to "get it to the front page" or "make it show up when you google them". It hit a boiling point."
People knew the mods would do nothing, as they were non-interventionist, so hell broke loose in an instant. worldpolitics fell from it's shit world political status to posting memes, hentai, porn, and shitposting, a bit of an upgrade really"
"In responce, the subbreddit of anime_titties was born, ironicly one of the best world politics subs reddit has seen, with 100% less US centric posts, in addition to a much more polite and refined atmosphere"
"Knowing that the quality of anime_titties was so high, a branch off was created for meta and memes, which led you, little political child of the world, to here."
Post Link:
Friday, May 8th 2020
Petition to make this our new subreddit header.
was submitted by u/JeantheDragon.
Moderator u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward approved and granted the change that day. It has been speculated that this new banner being seen on “Popular Subreddits” lists as well as user submitted untagged NSFW content hitting /all is what caused the subreddit-wide NSFW label. The banner was temporarily removed but, once the subreddit no longer appeared in lists that it would be shown, it was eventually restored.
Post Link:
Banner source image:

Phase 2: E-thots and Shitposters

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
It is between these two dates, May 7th and 9th, that the first evolution of the sub occurred after its initial transformation. The change was graceful but there was a steady influx of OnlyFans content creators from GoneWild and a steady decline of 2D imagery hitting /hot. It was at this point that I focused my attention on user moderating /new with the help of several other users, downvoting others trying to get the subreddit back on politics and away from what they assumed to be only a temporary halt to normal operations. We intended to make sure that was not the case through the raw power of shitposting random content and nuking anything remotely political.
This back and forth continued for days, we were barely hanging on but us few were dedicated. This was our crusade.
I am unable to find nexus point, the initial post submission, of an OnlyFans advertisement. If you have this information please contact me with sources so that I can add to this timeline.
Friday, May 8th 2020 -
Join me in my crusade, brothers!
was submitted by u/senior_cynic to GrimDank, a Warhammer 40K-centric meme subreddit. This is the first instance I can find of a call to action from the 40K community.
Post Link:
u/senior_cynic had this to say when asked for comment through private messages:
"Motivations? I think I speak for everyone except the onlyfans users that this whole thing is basically born for quarantine based boredom. I called grimdank in when rate limiting was in effect just for more volume of warhammer shitposting, and once that was gone, we were already the largest presence on the sub, so we took it over."
"I anticipated us being a major force for another few days and see where it went from there"
Saturday, May 9th 2020
What happened?
post made by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
Post was made sticky post on submission but was removed from sticky sometime around May 15th.
Thursday, May 14th 2020
No more promising rewards via PM, we're considering it spam
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
This post outlined rules for the OnlyFans E-thots to follow such as not advertising their off-site content in post titles, comments, or direct messages with other users. It was these rules that broke the first evolution and allowed for the transition to phase three.
Post Link:

Phase 3: The Inquisition

Hatred is the emperor's greatest gift to humanity.
It took the Warhammer community several days to assert their dominance and gain control of the sub. Their crusade was hard fought, but with the help of the new rules and regulations set in place by the moderators driving out the heretical content they were able to establish dominion. Again, there was no single post that drove this transition outside of the initial calls to arms in GrimDank and other 40K communities.
Note from the author:
I was able to take my first break from Reddit in almost ten days thanks to these dedicated users. I finally felt that we had the reinforcements necessary to ensure that the new normal would be maintained and that the old status-quo of this subreddit would not resurface. I got to enjoy an afternoon at the beach that I haven’t seen in months due to quarantine and watch the sun set. I was able to enjoy actual world politics again and participate in conversations outside of WorldPolitics. Thank you.
The Warhammer 40K Galactic Imperium was a mighty force, it had managed to do what rules alone could not- deliver this holy land from the heretical lewd pestilence that had driven it's tentacles deep into the crevices of this subreddits userbase.
No king rules forever. No king rules without its due resistance, in due time.
Saturday, May 16th 2020
Oh? This is a Warhammer Sub now? Well, if you say so~
was submitted by u/PyrrhaRose.
PyrrhaRose is a special user on WorldPolitics. She didn't necessarily come for factions or rivalries or crusades. She was always here for the lewds. Upon seeing the complete decimation of her beloved sanctum of lust at the hands of the Grimdank Imperium, this ambiguous spectator became one of the strongest individual powerhouses on the subreddit. She is a lone juggernaut.
She used the one weapon she had at her disposal to seek her retribution, the one means to demoralize and fight off the onslaught- artistically composed pornographic fan art based on characters from the Warhammer 40K universe. She continued this fight, alone, until she gained a cult following of fans and became a known and respected figure in the community.
u/PyrrhaRose gave these compelling remarks when asked about her feelings on the recent ceasefire between factions:
I kinda wanna thank everyone for coming together like we did a few days ago. To come to a peace agreement, and the likes. The toxicity was getting very bad at one point and I brought it up with the others, and instead of them siding with the more toxic ones they agreed! And we slowly shifted to more fun centric. Which just made me extremely happy. Nowadays, there’s hardly any toxicity, and it’s still really fun! I hope we get to continue doing so, and to keep the freedom we’ve had all this time going forward. •^
Post Link:
Statement from PyrrhaRose Link:
Saturday, May 16th 2020, approx. 7AM
Fuck y'all, this is a plant sub now. Post pics of your plants!
was submitted by u/purple_yosher.
This post marks the formation of the first major faction to rival the 40K Imperium, the Plant Squad. Desperate for something, anything, relatable to latch on to, users quickly joined the cause.
u/purple_yosher had this to say when asked what the motivations were for this new movement, about faction rivalries, and current events:
day drinking and a thirst for plants.
there was hostility at first, but plant gang represents peace and unity.
plants good, lewds bad
Post Link:
Statement from purple_yosher Link:
Sunday, May 17th, 2020, approx. 7PM-
A call to action.
was submitted to Gardening by u/that-dyslexic.
This was a recruitment for the newly formed Plant Squad. Although the post did not get much traction in its subreddit support had grown for the squad substantially since its formation.
Post Link:
Sunday, May 17th, 2020 –
Looking for a more appropriate subreddit banner
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
A user requested a 40k banner and was acknowledged with “This will do.” However the image does not appear as the current banner, but instead a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure mural is pictured. This marks the first major change to the look of the subreddit since u/JeantheDragon submitted his suggestion.
Post Link:

Phase 4 and Beyond

Reality really can be whatever you want.
We are here. The first faction that broke out were the Plants, but many have come to try and wrestle control from the ruthless collective might of miniature figurine collectors around the globe. Nobody knows what will come of the future, if the Warhammer shitposters have the dedication to hold control or if the tides of fate will move in another direction.
All I really know is that this subreddit will never again be what it was before we started here, and that was our intention. What happens from here on out is up to you, the reader and the Reddit user.
You have the power to be the change you wish to see in the world and to instill that change.
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 –
Choose your faction now!
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
This post marks the addition of user flair features to signify team and squad membership. It looks as though the flairs will be maintained, at least for now, as the dynamic of the subreddit changes.
Factions as of May 27th are: 'furry', '🌱', 'tf2', '🔥this is amazing 🔥', 'darkwraiths', 'deus vult', 'worldpolitics', 'anime titties', 'titties', 'grimdank', 'shitpostcrusaders', 'prequelmemes', 'berserktards', and 'hydrohomies'.
Post Link:
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 –
When the crusaders start calling me Warmaster
was submitted by u/g0d-3mp3r0r.
The tides of war had worn long on u/senior_cynic, the defacto figurehead for the Warhammer incursion. There were rumors of betrayal but evidence for such action has proven elusive, however his role as Warmaster was short lived. In his place u/g0d-3mp3r0r was granted the leadership position, chosen to direct and instill discipline in what forces remained after the long skirmishes.
When asked for comment on his role in events, u/g0d-3mp3r0r chose these words:
I have always been told I had the mind of a politician and the stubbornness of a mule. I was already nominated for Warmaster by senior_cynic back when he stepped down and soon a lot of the new recruits called me warmaster, showing the traditional community acceptance of my new role. Whilst I will admit that I could hear the voices of chaos in the form of PyrrhaRose I did not falter in my leadership of the crusade. I immediately decided to do something about the death threats and lack of centralization by granting titles to Kaiserschalt, LooneyW, Noisy_Ferox and Watercrown123. They would be my Inner Circle and we would lead the crusade together. There was also leadership coming from Petty Officer Imperium_of_69 whilst we were asleep because timezones. The taint of heresy would infect many of our crusaders but they would never stop fighting, until they did when peace was declared. The war is still raging on against the thots and political posters but one day I will be able to hang up my spear and retire
Post Link:
Comment Link:
Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 –
/worldpolitics, can we do this as a community?
was submitted and pinned by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
On seeing the content move further from NSFW content the moderators put forward the idea of having the subreddit-wide label removed, but this change would hinge on the community being able to consistently apply the labels to their postings themselves or for others to report untagged posts.
Post Link:
Friday, August 21st, 2020 –
My friend, fellow anime_titties moderator, and the initial instigator of the fall of WorldPolitics, u/TheLoIiLicker69 , has had all of his reddit accounts permanently suspended. I wanted to make sure that the community was made aware of this and the reasons behind it, these are his words taken directly from off platform communications;
"Well shoot sorry guys all my accounts including the alt I used to mod AT got permanently suspended for posting personal information. I was on a thread about the animemes doxxing and wanted to clear up the misconception that the doxxer was a member of the animemes community, so I posted a link to a screenshot of their comment admitting they were just a transphobic asshole stirring up drama, which was probably what got me suspended since that's the only personal info I've revealed.Yeah I expected a comment removal at most for that not a permanent ban. Sucks that it had to happen because I was trying to make sure the animemes community didn't get falsely blamed for the actions of 1 lunatic."
"I posted the comment I suspect got me banned a earlier this morning and my ban was about an hour ago"
Post Link:

Epilogue: by u/TheLoIiLicker69

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.
Mahatma Ghandi is smiling upon us all, for we have become the change we wished to see. Our cause is just.
Also funny thing is about 2 days before I nuked worldpol I'd gotten a 15 day ban on my main account from my favorite shitposting sub okbuddyretard, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say that caused a chain reaction leading to the engoodening of this formerly terrible sub. Shoutout to whichever anonymous mod temp banned me, I'd probably have been too busy pretending to be a retarded 9 year old otherwise lmao.
An extra special thanks as well to everyone who saw what was happening and joined in on the shitposting, as well as to those who have helped grow anime_titties to be an actually good replacement. Whilst I am good at causing chaos, I have next to no leadership skills and it's really thanks to all the great mods there that the new sub has grown to almost 100k members in under 2 weeks. We'll be working our hardest to continue making the sub into a legitimate source of world news and keep it from becoming another USA-only echochamber. In the meantime keep the dream alive and have fun memeing everyone 👌
PS: I am sure that I have missed an event or two, if you have a suggestion for an addition please provide me with a detailed account of your experiences and links for citation to ensure legitimacy. Anyone wanting me to redact their username please comment below, I left them up so that you were notified of this post. A lot of people have been asking for it.
Special thanks to u/TellMeMoreYT for his interest in journalistic collaboration and for catching the reference.
If you use any or all of this, please cite where you got the information. It wasn’t easy following along and documenting all of this or going back to find things that were missed.
submitted by Jaracgos to stories [link] [comments]

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